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Hello there~

Why I´m now here on Dreamwidth:
I´m also someone who´s now here. Because some friends and communitys where/are going to leave LJ and went/are going here (due to certain reasons).
At the moment I´m using both sites (but I´ll post only my few entries here), also with the same username. ;)
As I´m new here, I first need to find one's way. How´s the site, where to find what and so on. This will hopefully comes by time.

About my profile/account:
I´m generelly not a type of person who write lots of blogs (I also don´t have the time for that). So, don´t expect something like that here. (On my german community site too, where I´m most active, I also wrote there less than 35 blog entrys in over 13 years; but did tons of comments, discussions and other things there. ;)) But I try to write here at last a few entrys.
You can write me anytime a message. Talking about same interests/hobbys is always nice and fun. :) So, don´t be shy, because I´m that already. ^^°

A bit about myself:
By the way, I´m german. If there are german speaking people around, we can talk german in messages/PM. ;) Or if you also are registered at "Animexx" you can find me there too, just ask. ^^ At Animexx I´m most active.
I´m interested in Anime, Manga, Games, J-Music, J-Dorama. To make it short: a few Japan releated things. I also visit some events of that. Mostly local and regional events: regualry meetings, conventions, Japan-Festival, Nintendo Tours.
Anime/Manga genre: Comedy, Mystery, Drama, Fighting/Action, a bit Magical Girl too.
Games/Gaming: I also have a Nintendo 3DS. Streetpass! Yah~ Thats really cool and interesting. Generally like games of Super Mario, Tetirs, Ace Attorney (Gyakuten), 07th Expansion/Ryukishi07, Hotel Dusk – Room 215, Last Window – The secret of Cap West. Some examples.
Music: I like J-Pop and J-Rock, Game-Music, but also a bit classics too. My absolute favorite group is: Hey! Say! JUMP ^.^
Hey! Say! JUMP (I won´t make it too long): I´m a fan of them since summer 2014. I like them all. But Dai-chan is my ichiban and Hikaru is my niban. Their songs are nice, catchy and "good-mood-makers". Its nice to see the members in some japanese TV shows, such as Hirunandesu, School Kakumei and of course their own TV show Itadaki High JUMP. Its funny, nice/kawaii, very enjouyable and sometimes you´ll learn or see nice places of Japan.
I did watch some Anime/Manga and Hey! Say! JUMP releated J-Doramas. And planning to continue that too. To my shame, I still had no time to watch Yamadas Cain to Abel, for example. ^^'
Biathlon: I´m a big fan of Biathlon (its sports). I´m waiting for the new season (next World-Cups) to beginn in november~. Biathlon is my No. 1 winter sports to watch. It´s very interesting, exciting and enjoyable.
Sports: I personally like inline skating very much. And swimming, too.

Right now, I´m especially looking for other "Hey! Say! JUMP" fans and communities. :)

Ok, now I´m coming to an end. Don´t want to make this entry too long. ;)
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