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Apr. 24th, 2017 11:24 am
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Hello there~

Why I´m now here on Dreamwidth:
I´m also someone who´s now here. Because some friends and communitys where/are going to leave LJ and went/are going here (due to certain reasons).
At the moment I´m using both sites (but I´ll post only my few entries here), also with the same username. ;)
As I´m new here, I first need to find one's way. How´s the site, where to find what and so on. This will hopefully comes by time.

About my profile/account:
I´m generelly not a type of person who write lots of blogs (I also don´t have the time for that). So, don´t expect something like that here. (On my german community site too, where I´m most active, I also wrote there less than 35 blog entrys in over 13 years; but did tons of comments, discussions and other things there. ;)) But I try to write here at last a few entrys.
You can write me anytime a message. Talking about same interests/hobbys is always nice and fun. :) So, don´t be shy, because I´m that already. ^^°

A bit about myself:
By the way, I´m german. If there are german speaking people around, we can talk german in messages/PM. ;) Or if you also are registered at "Animexx" you can find me there too, just ask. ^^ At Animexx I´m most active.
I´m interested in Anime, Manga, Games, J-Music, J-Dorama. To make it short: a few Japan releated things. I also visit some events of that. Mostly local and regional events: regualry meetings, conventions, Japan-Festival, Nintendo Tours.
Anime/Manga genre: Comedy, Mystery, Drama, Fighting/Action, a bit Magical Girl too.
Games/Gaming: I also have a Nintendo 3DS. Streetpass! Yah~ Thats really cool and interesting. Generally like games of Super Mario, Tetirs, Ace Attorney (Gyakuten), 07th Expansion/Ryukishi07, Hotel Dusk – Room 215, Last Window – The secret of Cap West. Some examples.
Music: I like J-Pop and J-Rock, Game-Music, but also a bit classics too. My absolute favorite group is: Hey! Say! JUMP ^.^
Hey! Say! JUMP (I won´t make it too long): I´m a fan of them since summer 2014. I like them all. But Dai-chan is my ichiban and Hikaru is my niban. Their songs are nice, catchy and "good-mood-makers". Its nice to see the members in some japanese TV shows, such as Hirunandesu, School Kakumei and of course their own TV show Itadaki High JUMP. Its funny, nice/kawaii, very enjouyable and sometimes you´ll learn or see nice places of Japan.
I did watch some Anime/Manga and Hey! Say! JUMP releated J-Doramas. And planning to continue that too. To my shame, I still had no time to watch Yamadas Cain to Abel, for example. ^^'
Biathlon: I´m a big fan of Biathlon (its sports). I´m waiting for the new season (next World-Cups) to beginn in november~. Biathlon is my No. 1 winter sports to watch. It´s very interesting, exciting and enjoyable.
Sports: I personally like inline skating very much. And swimming, too.

Right now, I´m especially looking for other "Hey! Say! JUMP" fans and communities. :)

Ok, now I´m coming to an end. Don´t want to make this entry too long. ;)
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I make it short, that it won´t be a to long entry (at last I try).

For an overview its mostly split into these parts:
- Watching Anime
- Reading Manga and Light Novels
- Playing Games (there were some Sound/Visual Novels, too)
- Music band : "Hey! Say! JUMP"
- Biathlon (in winter)
- Other
There are also some other parts as family, friends, my cat, keeping household up, garding works, watching some TV or DVDs, and so on.

Anime currently watching:
- One Piece
- Kindaichi shounen no jikenbo (Kindaichi Case Files)
- Digimon Universe Appli Monsters
- Re Creators

Manga and Light Novels currently reading:
- One Piece
- Gintama
- Kindaichi shounen no jikenbo (Kindaichi Case Files) + Kindaichi shounen no jikenbo returns (Kindaichi Case Files Returns)
- Tantei Gakuen Q (Detective Academy/School Q)
- Rewrite Side B
- Rewrite Side R
- Rewrite Side Terra
- Kino no Tabi (Kinos Journey): Manga Version
- Kino no Tabi (Kinos Journey): Light Novel Version
There are some more, but they are momentary "on hold" because no group is actually translating them anymore or it does take more time till the next chapter is out. So, thats why these one are left out of my list.
- Phoenix Wright/Ace Attorney
- Leverage (there are 3 books which continued after its amarican TV series; but for the first try, I only bought the first Volume of it)
- Rose Guns Days Season 2
- Kindaichi Case Files - Bilingual Version (english + japanese)
I´m reading these books soon/now. When the weather is nice again (it was already warm, but a sudden cold came back; but now its gone and the weather will be now nicer again) in the garden/winter garden. Thats relaxing and refreshing.

Active Games:
No one direclty at the moment.
Only StreetPass at my two main Nintendo 3DS.
I want to buy and play some games. But where should I take the time? I still have two Wii U games - which I even played not one time (I did never started the games). Because of lack of time.
I also even did not finished two games for the 3DS, because of my time problem.
Buying a Nintendo Switch? Maybe in the future. When I finished and continued my other started games. And have more time.

Johnny´s Boy band and Idol group: "Hey! Say! JUMP"
I can say, that I spend most of my freetime thats related to them.
Yeah, I do like and love this boy band group. Their music is really nice, and catchy. There are several songs where my mood really turns so high.
They are all so lovely and have their points. You´ll like them. But Dai-chan is my ichban. One of his charming points: His gently and nice smile. You see him often smiling. While, for example, on TV music show performances hes often smiling and you can clearly see how hes enjoying himself every time. He has a nice and warm charisma. Hes a good dancer with a lovey voice. Hes full of energy - I think (have this image) sometimes if he can´t led them out, he might explode some time. XD You shouldn´t loose sight of him, because you may miss something, as hes doing at that momen something funny or enjoyabe right now. I like his rap parts at the songs too. Hikaru/Hika is my niban. He has some similarities with Dai-chan too. Hes No. 1 moodmaker in the group - so don´t worry your mood will go up, for certainly. He often winks so his fans. He writes nice and good songs (lyrics). Hes too a good raper. I enjoy his parts at the beginning of the "Itadaki High JUMP" episodes. Maybe Yamada is at third position. He´s an allrounder, also the 'face' of JUMP - but because of him, I got to know about "Hey! Say! JUMP" and became their fan!
The "pairings" of the members (in general) are also cute too~ Ari/Yama and Yabu/Hika are one of my favos. The other pairings are nice too. Or the big/little-brother-relationship between Hikaru and Keito. :)
Hearing their music (while driving from/to work; if my roomate at work not is not here I can hear their music at work too, or at home - also whlile doing some housework), watching and re-watching their videos and TV/Movie appearances.
I won´t list here my favo songs. Why? Because the list would end up long. ;)
I do enjoy watching them at their weekly TV shows such as "Hirunandesu", "Itadaki High JUMP" (their own TV show!), "Schook Kakumei" and "Little Tokyo Life". In Hirunandesu you can see a lot and intressting things about Japan, their food culture and sometimes how people life. I love there Dai-chans corner, also the "Katakana-NG" corner, the corner when they are riding with the local trains and the "Home-Centre" corner. The Ari/SHELLY moments are always funny and good. In "Itadaki High JUMP" the members and the group in particular can shine there. How they solve problmes what the audience sends in. Some of them are really hear-catching and your so touched or also sometimes shed tears. Especially when small children are involved. Other episodes are so funny and you can enjoy them so much. I love how the members interact with each other. In "School Kakumei" you can learn a lot of things and see cool things. Each episode contains mostly one theme. Interessting ones, crazy ones, funny ones. I like the J-gumi (the class). I really need to say that I like Yamazaki/Zakiyama (just to be clear, hes not a member of JUMP, but hes so great) there really much. Hes so funny, spontaneous and when he actes certain scenes out, you´ll laugh so much. Its sad, that Airi-chan did leave the class shortly ago. I will miss her, but wish her the best for her new part of her life (she married). The best episodes are the "dekiru/dekinai" (possible/impossible), the english-themend, the ones with the optical illusions, oto (sound) themes for example. Its nice that JUMP have some performances at Itadaki High JUMP and School Kakumei. :)
They have also enought other apperance on TV (not just the regulary ones). I enjoy "Tensai! Shimura Dobutsuen", when they appear at "Rhythm Buzz", "Dash de itte Q SPs", "VS Arashi" and so on.
Its a honor that the members are actors too and can act in various as example for TV films, TV series and for cinema too. I´m really happy about that. Because they had some really good series/movies too. Also with leading parts. I love the manga/anime series "Tantei Gakuen Q", "Kindaichi shounen no Jikenbo", "Assassination Classroom" and they played there some roles too, main roles too! Plus, some of their songs were used there too. Another really good titles are "Soshite, Dare mo Inaku Natta", "Dark System Koi no Ouza Ketteisen", "Grasshopper", "Ikemen desu ne", "Hidarime EYE Tantei EYE" (Left-Eye Detective EYE), "Scrap Teacher", "Hope", "Suikyu Yankees" (Water Polo Yankees) and "Okitegami Kyoko no Biboroku".
Its sad, that I don´t have enough time to listen to their 3 weekly raido shows (and I won´t understand much of it anyway) or to read all/most of the translated magazine interviews and such things.
I spend a lot of free/time for JUMP, but sadly thats not enough for everything. They are nine people in the group and really do a lot of differnt things and so much.

I do love watching this on TV. Every race of the World Cup is shown on TV (free TV). I´m happy about that.  But no wonder, because in my country this is our No. 1 winter sports (to watch) - and its my No. 1 winter sports, too. I watch every race. And if I can´t watch it live on TV (becasue I´m still at work, I´m out at that moment,...) I´ll record the programm and watch it later. The best races I´ll keep them.
It´s very interesting, exciting and enjoyable.
Its always from november till around march. If there are races in this periode that takes away my freetime. There are weeks where up to 8 hours per week are aired about this. That snatches really fast my freetime away. Ok, it differs form discipline to discipline.
The best disciplines are (in my option) mass start, pursuit, relay, mixed relay and single mixed relay. Individual is interessting too. Because good shootings are there most important. And sometimes because of that some other athletes are there better (better ranking) too. So, its their moment to shine, who are sometimes not ever so good generally.
When I first watched Biathlon it was over 15 years ago. I already like and enjoy it since then.
I´m waiting for the new season (next World-Cups) to begin in november~

- I go to the montly "Aninexx" gathering. Its a regulary meeting of our biggest german site/community for anime and manga. Theses are monthly at various cities in germany. Its for anime, manga, games (we have also a games room), j-music (disco), cosplay, drawing, and some other japanes stuff related fans/interests. There´s sometimes also a shop there who sells merchandise or other things which are "in" in Japan.
- I also go to our montly "StreetPass" gathering. Its mostly for Nintendo 3DS/2DS users/gamers. We gather, our consoles exchanges data (StreetPassing). We also play together, help each other in games, talk about games - also some other as 2/3DS too. Sometimes there are also tournaments and you can win stuffs sponsored by Nintendo (over StreetPass Germany).

That was a little insight as how I spend most/some of my freetime.


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